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Our popular facials are known for the quality products and techniques that are used to retore the skin back to it's healthy state. At VM Beauty Spa we understand that having healthy skin is not just a vanity, but an essential need. Before your facial session, we offer a 15 minute free consultation in which we analize your skin and create a personalized treatment plan, taking into consideration the type of skin, acne condition, skin allergies, and sensitivity.

VM Signature Facial

90 min - $110

Before starting the facial, the aesthetician analyzes your skin in order to create the appropriate treatment plan. The facial begins with exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and continues with a deep cleansing and vegetable peeling. After the peeling, the aesthetician determines the most appropriate form of deepening the cleansing treatment to leave a more healthier and attractive skin layer. As part of your facial, you enjoy a soothing upper body massage triggering stress on the arms, shoulders, décolleté, back, and feet.

Gentleman's Facial

60 min - $85

Special treatment unique to skin care requirements for men. A deep pore cleansing and relaxing massage that soothes, softens, and lubricates the skin for a youthful appearance. The facial is accompanied by a soothing upper body massage triggering stress on the arms, shoulders, décolleté, and back.

 Vitamin C Facial

60 min - $80

Anti-Oxidant treatment guards against the destruction of the skin’s lipids. The super-oxide frees radicals to prevent the formation of pigmentation spots, and improve sun damaged skin protecting, invigorating and helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a glowing look.

 Collagen Facial

60 min - $85

Freeze dried collagen mask is applied for an intensive moisturizing, soothing, and lifting treatment to fight against premature aging, wrinkles, and slackening of the skin. At the end of the treatment, Elastin Ampoule will be massaged into the skin to fortify the formation of collagen by stimulating the fibro-blast cells. Includes paraffin hand treatment.

 Oxygen Facial

60 min - $80

This treatment forces oxygen into the skin, which stimulates blood circulation and improves cell metabolism. The cells receive more nutrients and function more effectively by oxygenating the skin and lightening hyper-pigmentation.

 Back Facial

60 min - $90

Treat your back to a deep exfoliation, cleansing and relaxation. To start, your body will be covered by a hot blanket in order to open up the pores through vapor. Your back will then be scrubbed to remove dead skin cells and then cleaned with warm towels. A peeling treatment will be applied to continue removing dead cells, followed by an extraction of impurities. After cleansing, your back will be covered with a masque to absorb back oils and will refine the pores in order to prevent future impurities. The facial is followed by a soothing upper body massage triggering stress on the arms, shoulders, décolleté, and back.

Instant Face Lift

90 min - $125

This extraordinary firming and lifting treatment acts on visible lines by notably diminishing them. Three forms of massages will be used: relaxing, tightening, and anti-wrinkling. This defense treatment will protect and reinforce the skin by tightening and lifting the skin with the application of different kinds of masks and hydration treatments.

6 Sessions - $600

12 Sessions - $1,000

Acne Treatment

See Testimony!

90 min - $125

We want your skin to be acne free so we have created this treatment to focus on bringing it back to its original healthy state, free from infection, scars, and imperfections. Before beginning, we carefully analyze the state of your skin and create a plan of action with the appropriate products and treatments. The facial includes deep exfoliation, cleansing of the pores, removal of impurities, and soothing of the skin to allow it to heal quickly and smoothly. After our session, we discuss a diet plan to help you maintain a clean skin and prepare you to care for your skin at home. 

Purifying Facial Treatment

30 min - $45

The follicles of the skin are opened by removing the dead skin cells through exfoliation, purifying the skin from everyday toxins. Hydration and color are restored into the skin with the excellence of our products applied through a gentle face massage. This facial is recommended for quickly preparing the skin for a special event.

 Immunscience Facial

60 min - $70

Sensitive and couperose skin treatment intended to calm and soothe irritated and blotchy skin. Strengthens capillaries and reduces redness.

 Eye Contour Treatment

30 min - $50

The eye is the most vulnerable area of the face and first to show signs of aging, stress, and dark circles. This treatment provides visible tightening, moistening, and soothing of the skin. Also reduces puffiness and lessens the appearance of dark circles.

$125 with facial

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