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Our bodies crave attention and care, and we are here to provide. Allow us to take care of you with the attention and pampering that you deserve. Choose from our range of body treatments that are targeted towards a revitalizing and detoxifying experience.  

Body Detox

60 min - $75

Herbal creams will be applied to the whole body as you are wrapped with a thermal blanket inducing the body to sweat out toxins and impurities. Afterwards the body is cleaned and massaged using essential oils according to the moisturizing needs of the body.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Duration depends on area - $85+

Anti-cellulite treatment, which contours and reshapes the body. After gentle exfoliation, a thick layer of warm parafango is brushed on the body and then wrapped in a heated blanket, followed by an application of AHA amino serum and anti-cellulite cream.

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